Why small businesses (even home based ones) should be found on page 1 of Google - even if they only get work or sales locally in their own area or County
Most small businesses in the UK only appear on Facebook and other social media websites as having a website can be quite expensive, and in most cases those businesses only have a local customer base - especially when their businesses are service based.
This makes it appear to be not obvious as to why they should worry about not getting found on page 1 of Google nationally - by the time they read this .
There are 100's of thousands of reasons why they should be on page 1 of Google - by definition if the total results of that search in the UK was just 50 million results (and in most cases it would be a lot more than that) and there are around 50 Counties in the UK, then the average searches per County is 1 million, and those are all potential customers for whoever is offering those services.
  • If you carry out a search for any service of product based business in Google UK you are likely to find tens of millions of results for any of them of businesses based all over the United Kingdom - but uniquely you will also find a few local BUSINESSES based in whichever the area the searcher is based too
  • For each of those businesses there will be a pin which, when you click on it will take to to either a website or a social media site that each business is a member of - which contains all their contacts, pictures, videos  and much more
  • An example would be, if you searched for a Dog Walker on Google it would probably return over 700 MILLION results - but would also show a local map on page 1 of perhaps 20 or 30 people offering Dog Walker services - but there are probably hundreds if not thousands of full or part time dog walkers in any county not being seen.
If however you are not on page 1 of Google you either already generate enough work or business - or maybe you should be doing something else?
Why not try it here yourself by clicking on the Google.com search page below, entering in your own type of business and you will see without spending a penny if either you are already on page 1 in the Google map - and if you are not then all you have to do is decide do you want to be - Your choice.
Search Google.com now and enter your services into the search box and see how many results there are for that search - and imagine how your business would benefit by being seen at the top of the page.

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