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Where Else can you find an Internet Business for Sale & Website on Page 1 Google UK seen by 1000's EVERY DAY for just £200 AND have it marketed to up to 200,000 members of local Facebook Social groups every week for the first 4 WEEKS


Example 1: Window Cleaner business

Detailed below is what we provided for an existing window cleaning business based in Lincoln and are offering to do for any other existing or new window cleaning businesses anywhere in the UK.

As with all our clients they voluntarily leave us a google feedback review, and the owner of  'YOUR WINDOW CLEANER LINCOLN' kindly left us this 5* review:

Rick Omelia: Your Window Cleaner Lincoln

  • ***** review a month ago

  • Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

  • Lee started working straight away sorted out my Facebook marketing campaign also Google, and my website page, its only been a few days and the leads have started coming, great work Lee thank you .

After receipt of the page 1 website in the first week and his 4 week Facebook marketing campaign to over 200,000 local (to Lincoln) Facebook groups, he has requested and paid for another 4 week campaign for which we charged him a further reduced fee of just £35 

Listed below is what you will receive for the offer price of £200:

1/. Website will be created and appear on page 1 of Google within 7 days which will also include all of your contact details as well as details of what service you are offering locally

2/. This page will be seen by thousands of people in your own area who have searched for the service you have offered - and which they specifically are looking for

3/. Business Page created on your own Facebook account detailing all the same information

4/. We will send details of of what you are offering and a link to your website to members of up to 200,000 local Facebook members every week for the first 4 weeks after which you can do this yourself free of charge (for this you must have or start a Facebook account) or we can continue this service for as long as you want with no contract required

5/. We will also place your business on our own website google map permanently to increase your online profile further

6/. You will also receive telephone and email lifetime business building support completely free of charge

This service is ideal for anyone seeking to gain some financial independence without having to spend hundreds, if not thousands.

If you have, or want to start, a small service based business then find out what we can do for you with our tailor made package

Simply send us the following information and we will get back to you within 24 hours with a package

  1. Link/s to any existing websites you may already have

  2. Links to your Facebook page

  3. Tell us the furthest distance you would want to travel to from your work base 

  4. Specify any specific towns or cities you would like us to include in your marketing campaign

See Full Details and Offer HERE

This allows both people with any specific trades or qualifications to get those skills in front of thousands of people locally (in their own County) as well as others who want to offer other skills and abilities such as Dog Walking, Car Washing, Window Cleaning, etc who can still fill a need in their locality - more examples are:

Building, Gardening, Typing, Car Washing, Dog Walking, Plumbing, Mechanical Repairs, Office Cleaning, Window Cleaning, Home Cleaning, Roof Repairs, Painting and Decorating, Catering, Home Improvements, Fitness Training, Dance Training, Will Writing, Wedding Arranging, Personal Taxi Services, Plastering, Computer Services, Pool Cleaning, Bookkeeping, Handyman, Electrician, Locksmith, Man & Van, Home Tutoring, Photography, Valeting, Pet Grooming, House Sitting, Child Care, Tailoring and Altering Services, Music Lessons, Singing Lessons, Hair Styling, Shopping Services, Personal Chef, Lawn Mowing and Care, Dog Training, Bicycle Repairs, Gutter Cleaning, Decking and Fencing Services, Children's Party Entertainer, Mobile Pet Services, Home Entertainment Installations, Appliance Repair, Air Con Installer, Project Manager, Office Support Services, Messenger Service, Business Coach and Adviser, Private Investigator, Event Videographer, Event DJ and Host





Listed below is what you will receive for £350:

With option 2 you can receive all of the above but instead of just 1 website on page 1 of Google in your chosen area you will receive 2.

The benefit of this is that your business will appear in 2 different locations - but in any other area of your choice giving you traffic from 2 websites instead of one. This is called *Multi-Layering if you live in a large city then your services will obviously be seen by many more people.

Your second website can have the same content as the first one or completely different content if you choose.

This also however comes with 2 Facebook campaigns instead of 1 for the first 4 weeks of their existence, meaning up to 400,000 members of Facebook Social Groups local to each locations will be exposed to your businesses.

*Multi-Layering requires you provide a second postal address as well as a second Facebook account to be effective.

If you wish to see what an example of this strategy looks like please contact us for full details.


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