TYPING SERVICES UK Membership Terms and Conditions


Conditions of Membership

Membership of the Page1Google UK organisation is solely at the discretion of the Administration of the Page1Google UK organisation and is final.

In order to become a member applicants will be required to complete the online form - found here - and return the completed form by email to us here after which the applicant, if approved, will receive a PayPal payment request for the fee applicable at that time - currently at £30 for 6 months membership. Once payment has been received the now new member will be contacted within 48 hours with confirmation of their membership.


By applying for membership members are agreeing to follow and abide by the following rules: 

  1. Members must not imply that they are a part of the Page1Google UK organisation other than as an independent member, nor must they bring the name of the Page1Google UK organisation into disrepute

  2. Members are responsible for ensuring that any fees due to Page1Google UK for Membership are up to date or they may be suspended and have their membership and link on Google removed

  3. The Page1Google UK organisation cannot be held legally or financially responsible for any actions taken by any member 

  4. By applying to become a member of the Page1Google UK organisation, members agree to the details provided by them on their membership application to be displayed on the Page1Google UK organisation website.

  5. Members wishing to continue with membership will be contacted before the end of the trial 6 month period when then will be able to pay the next 12 month fee


In the event of any complaints received to the Page1Google UK organisation from any other party, the Page1Google UK organisation reserves right to speak to the complainant for more information regarding that complaint. If a complaint is received the Page1Google UK organisation will notify the member within 24 hours and notify the member the whole nature of that complaint, who will then have the opportunity to resolve that complaint directly with the complainant. If the complainant thereafter contacts the Page1Google UK organisation again and is still dissatisfied the Page1Google UK organisation will have one more conversation with both parties and if their is still no resolution to that complaint the Page1Google UK organisation reserves the right to make a decision on the continuation of the members membership. Any such decision will be final and if the decision is to remove the members membership then the Page1Google UK organisation will refund any portion of the fees paid by that member from the first day of the month after that decision was made up until the end of the paid for period. In the event that action is taken the 'member' will no longer to be allowed to claim to be a member of the Page1Google UK organisation. Anyone doing so could have legal action taken against them without any prior notice.

Privacy & Security

For your security, the Page1Google UK organisation use secure URL's to protect and encrypt your details in all sensitive areas of the site including all payments and your account management areas.

Payment Gateway

Membership fees payments are processed securely via PayPal


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