Why being on Page 1 Google is important

Updated: Mar 23

It is a necessity for online businesses to be visible on all search engines, but as Google ranks higher than their competitors in terms of popularity being on page 1 of Google is even more important.

Given that studies have proven that 94% of all Google clicks originate from the first page of Google, having that position becomes the ambition of most commerce based online businesses.

This is even true of local service based businesses who rely on marketing their services online within a relatively small geographical area. This is one instance when the world wide audience has no value or interest to such businesses.

Examples of the range and potential of the world wide web can be seen in these 2 contrasting scenarios:

  • A company selling products would wish to sell those products anywhere in the world as the difference between selling a product to someone in the UK and of selling that product to someone the other side of the world is purely one of logistics.

This means that the expansion of that business is now dependent on clients from around the world being able to find them on a Google search. This requires the use of SEO services which are extremely expensive but also extremely lucrative too.

On a search for a single product, say a small desk fan, google would return something like 346 million results, so foe any single company to be found on page 1 of that search page is virtually impossible. As an average results page displays only around 10 results per page - the chances are 10 in 346 million

  • For companies however marketing local services this becomes a much simpler and less expensive task in that as well as all those heavily optimised websites combined with a mixture of local optimised websites, it also features a 'local' map near the top of the page.

When the searcher clicks on the 'map' it opens up details of some registered sellers of those services complete with their full contact details as well as a link to that sellers website (if they have one).

If the seller however does not have a website one can be created free of charge by the seller, or by Page 1 Google UK as part of the Internet Marketing services.