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With the continuation of the Covid-19 pandemic more and more people are limited with their choice of employment. In the coming months this will only get worse with many more redundancies to be announced soon.

The furlough scheme however has given employers and employed an insight into how life outside of the place of work can enhance their lives and businesses by working from home.

This is applicable especially in the future careers of secretaries and typists, which is why Typing Services UK has been created.

Designed to allow any registered member of Typing Services UK to be found on page 1 of Google wherever they live in the UK within 7 days from registration, secretaries and typists can now offer their services to local businesses and others knowing that they can be found easily online.

With the ability to determine exactly how much work they want, how much they will charge for that work, and what days they want to commit to that work themselves they will gain many lifestyle benefits.

In addition to the benefits detailed above, another major benefit is not having to travel to the office everyday, sometimes requiring hours for the return journey by car or public transport as well as the considerable costs in doing that.

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