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5* Google Friendly for Businesses 'Local' Development and Page 1 Service Based Website Business Opportunities in the UK


​Most service based businesses rely on local trade, and the 2 main platforms used by those businesses are Facebook and Google. 


Unfortunately regular posting on local fb social groups is time consuming are not always done several times a day. Like all media advertising, it only ever works if it is constantly seen by its target audience.

Page 1 Google

Achieving a page 1 position website for any small (often home based) service business is not pursued by most due to the high costs of getting there organically, and as only 6% of all Google searches for any business category comes from pages 2 and lower - with a staggering 94% exclusively coming from page 1.

Page 1 Google UK specialise in proving a comprehensive marketing package that not only achieve those 2 objectives but also add Twitter and LinkedIn to that package too. Within 8 days from ordering this simple low-cost solution to these problems are addressed from the 8th day onwards


Clients are GUARANTEED they will have a unique website that WILL be found on page 1 of Google. If the client already has a website that is NOT on page 1 the new website will simply link to their own website (if they do not have a website then it will link to the own Facebook page instead) and that will be the case every day for the next 12 months

 This means that all the traffic they 'missed' from the 94% of people searching for that service but not seeing them - NOW WILL?



Clients will receive 25 posts a day to local fb groups with more than 200,000 members 5 days a week for 4 weeks, making this probably the most vigorous campaign that client has ever had applied to their business before.

These posts will promote all of the clients services, contact details and a link to their website and Facebook page (if applicable). At the same time posts can also introduce any special offers or prices that the client may wish us to create as 'exclusive' offers - via any or all of the 500 posts sent targeting up to 200,000 members over 4 weeks


This is a simple concept, 100% delivered to EVERY client with a foolproof package - and suitable for any service business.

All This for the current offer price of £250

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This allows both people with any specific trades or qualifications to get those skills in front of thousands of people locally (in their own County) as well as others who want to offer other skills and abilities such as Dog Walking, Car Washing, Window Cleaning, etc who can still fill a need in their locality - more examples are:

Building, Gardening, Typing, Car Washing, Dog Walking, Plumbing, Mechanical Repairs, Office Cleaning, Window Cleaning, Home Cleaning, Roof Repairs, Painting and Decorating, Catering, Home Improvements, Fitness Training, Dance Training, Will Writing, Wedding Arranging, Personal Taxi Services, Plastering, Computer Services, Pool Cleaning, Bookkeeping, Handyman, Electrician, Locksmith, Man & Van, Home Tutoring, Photography, Valeting, Pet Grooming, House Sitting, Child Care, Tailoring and Altering Services, Music Lessons, Singing Lessons, Hair Styling, Shopping Services, Personal Chef, Lawn Mowing and Care, Dog Training, Bicycle Repairs, Gutter Cleaning, Decking and Fencing Services, Children's Party Entertainer, Mobile Pet Services, Home Entertainment Installations, Appliance Repair, Air Con Installer, Project Manager, Office Support Services, Messenger Service, Business Coach and Adviser, Private Investigator, Event Videographer, Event DJ and Host





Stage 1

Within 7 days from receipt of order your unique website will be published and found on Page 1 of GOOGLE

It will contain all your contact details including telephone, email, social media links, images and videos as required

Ongoing Services

We are proud of our 5* Google rated service and provide Facebook and Email (eshot) marketing services second to none in terms of value for money.

When compared to normal online marketing providers of these services services we are usually half the price they charge

Stage 2

By the time the website is live we will set up a Facebook account containing a minimum of 25 Local Facebook Social Groups containing a minimum of 200.000 members.

At the start of week 2 we will send posts to 25 of the groups 5 times a week for 4 weeks.

Service Business

Whatever type of service business you offer locally will be enhanced by using our unique range of services which are completely flexible and tailored to suit clients

Contact us today and we will tell you exactly what we can do for you


Stage 3

As a registered client of Page 1 Google UK you will also be placed on the Page 1 Google website map page giving access to all visitors of the website to your full details.

As a registered client you will also receive a 20% discount on all standard business building products

Anywhere in the UK

Wherever you are situated in the UK we can get you in the top page position on Google within 7 days from ordering as well as found locally to your preferred trading area on Facebook over a full 4 week period raising your profile



All existing clients awarded us a 5* rating on Google reviews

Option 2

SAVE £50 - NOW £450

With option 2 you can receive all of the above but instead of just 1 website on page 1 of Google in your chosen area you will receive 2.

The benefit of this is that your business will appear in 2 different locations - but in any other area of your choice giving you traffic from 2 websites instead of one. This is called *Multi-Layering if you live in a large city then your services will obviously be seen by many more people.

Your second website can have the same content as the first one or completely different content if you choose.

This also however comes with 2 Facebook campaigns instead of 1 for the first 4 WEEKS of their existence, meaning up to 400,000 members of Facebook Social Groups local to each locations will be exposed to your businesses.

*Multi-Layering requires you provide a second postal address to ensure your business gets the maximum coverage, penetration and enquiries from the plan.

Order 2 Page 1 Website & 2 Facebook Campaigns and save £50

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