Low-Cost Unique Motor Vehicle Valeting and Pet Odour Removal Business Opportunity

Here you will find an Internet based Business Opportunity for Sale & that includes a unique Website created to appear on Page 1 of Google and seen by 1000's EVERY DAY + it will be marketed to up to 200,000 members of local Facebook Social groups every week for the first 4 weeks after which you will have the option to continue with the marketing yourself or we will do that for you if required.



Starter Package:

If you have an existing valeting or car washing/valeting business or are looking to start one then this low-cost yet untapped business opportunity is perfect for you. To explain the market place for this unique service is quite simple yet amazing:

  • There were over 40 million cars sold or changed hands last year in the UK

  • Millions of cars, commercial vehicles, taxis, buses, coaches, hire cars etc, are used daily in the UK 

  • BONUS OPTION: This facility is also perfect for Pet Odour Removal Services - details on request

Yet how often do you see odour removal services advertised in local media anywhere in the UK. For every vehicle that that has had a problem with bad odours inside that vehicle - no one is actively advertising a service to remove that odour.

It takes just 5 minutes of treatment with a vaporisation machine and 15p worth of the special odour removal chemical, with a further 20 minutes for the vaporised chemical to infiltrate every pore and crevice in the vehicle to destroy the odour.

For multiple orders (fleet companies, car & van hire companies, taxi service companies and bus companies) you can treat up to 10 vehicles an hire with just 1 machine.

Even at just £10 to treat an average sized car you would generate £100 an hour in revenue at a cost of just £1.50 for the chemicals - and that is just with 1 machine?

For an individual home based booking companies charge up to £30 to £50 for this service, and with the approach of spring, it is the perfect time to build up this business opportunity.

Page 1 on Google Website Based Starter Package on 1 machine and enough chemical to treat up to 100 average sized cars:

Here are the detailed contents of the Starter Package:

  • 1 Remote Controlled Vaporiser Machine.

  • 5 litres of Commercial Odour Removal chemical (enough to treat up to 100 cars/small vans.

  • 1 Custom Created Website that would be found on page 1 of Google in your own area (County) within 7 days of placing your order and seen by thousands daily thereafter. GUARANTEED

  • An 8 week Facebook Marketing campaign to a minimum of 200,000 members of local Facebook Social and Trade Groups - all of which would be potential customers for your service. With every post on Facebook there would be a link to your website containing all your contact details for them to call or email you. GUARANTEED

  • At the end of the 4 weeks you will be able to continue with the campaign with no fees attached whatsoever or we can continue that for you in 4 week bookings at a time for a small fee until you no longer need them.

  • 1 Press Release published nationally with copies of the Press Release sent to any local TV, Radio and local Newspapers who's contact details you provide for us to send it to.

  • Lifetime business support completely free of any charges.

With the combination of being found daily on page 1 of Google searches, and the 4 week (minimum) Facebook Marketing campaign this would be the finest start to any new business you will ever find for under £1000 in the UK ensuring your business is noticed from 7 days of placing your order. GUARANTEED

Please note: Once we have 20 clients registered with us for this package we will be creating a unique fully optimised national 'Vehicle Odour Removal) website which will include a Google Map as one of its pages showing all registered members of the group for visitors to connect directly to any member in their own area. They will also appear on this website map too to enhance their profile further.

Contact us to answer any questions not covered in the details above or place your order below before the price increases to £299.99


Multi Machine Based Package for Full Website Based Commercial Business Package to contain:

5 Vaporising Odour Removal Machines

25 Litres of Odour Removal Chemical

2000 Full Colour 2 Sided A5 High Gloss Leaflets

1 Commercial Coronavirus Antiviral Sanitisation Machine

5 Litres of BS EN approved Chemical for the treatment of all viruses in the Pandemic

Full PPE equipment

2 Page 1 on Google Websites in 2 different areas in your own locality 

Prime position on our own Antiviral Cleaning Services Group UK website and Google Map

8 Weeks Facebook Marketing Campaign to over 200,000 members of local Facebook Social Groups

2 Published Press Releases sent to local TV, Radio and Newspapers in the area

Completely free and unlimited lifetime business support

Interested parties should contact us HERE if interested in a Pre-Launch Deal


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