Fitness Trainer Business Opportunity Development Programme

Where Else can you find a Website on Page 1 Google UK seen by 1000's EVERY DAY for just £250 AND have it marketed 5 times to 200,000+ members of 25 local Facebook Social groups every week for the first 4 WEEKS

At the end of 4 WEEKS of being found on page 1 of google AND continually marketing your services for 4 WEEKS - if you haven't made more than £250 in income (average of £62.50per week) then MAYBE you are in the wrong business

If you have, or wish to start a Fitness Trainer business then this package is the perfect way to explode that business from day 1.

Getting found online on page 1 on any search engine is the dream of all new service based businesses, as well as existing ones that have not the resources to have achieved that already. Most service based businesses are, by definition, also reliant on a good local 'profile' in order to be found by potential clients.


With this package you can achieve both of these aims within the first 7 days of ordering the package. Within 7 days from placing your order the website will have been created, published and found on page 1 of Google. The Facebook campaign will be set up and ready to commence on the 8th day from ordering to run for 4 intensive weeks of raising the awareness of your services in those groups.


Below are the full details of what buyers of this package will receive.

1/. A Unique Website will be created to appear on page 1 of Google within 7 days which will also include all of your contact details as well as details, pictures and videos of the Fitness Training service you are offering locally

2/. This website link will be seen by thousands of people in your own area who have searched for the services of a Fitness Trainer locally on a Google search - every day for 12 months at no extra cost to you whatsoever

3/. We will then send full details of your business, as well as a link to your new website, to members of 200,000+ local Facebook social groups with 25 posts a day, 5 times a week for a period of 4 weeks

5/. We will also place your business on our own website google map permanently to increase your online profile further

6/. You will also receive telephone and email lifetime business building support completely free of charge


Specifically designed to suit all UK based Fitness Trainer businesses, buyers of this package will receive an invitation to become a member of a Fitness Trainer Guild 

The Fitness Trainer Guild. will host fitness trainers from all over the UK giving them a single platform for anyone in the UK looking to find a fitness trainer by accessing the unique Google Map page.

All visitors to the website have to do is zoom in to the Google map to their own area and select any members close to them. Once they click on the chosen pin they will find all the contact details of that member to contact and discuss their requirements.

No fuss or cost to both the visitor or the member of the Guild with each member having the benefit of displaying the Guild logo that will be issued to each member - this also creates a difference between ordinary fitness trainers and members of the Fitness Training Guild..

Once the Guild website is created all registered clients will be placed on the Guild's website members map - to enable people to see what the Fitness Trainers Guild will look like they are invited to visit the first of the many 'Guilds' to be created - the Window Cleaners Guild - in the weeks to come by clicking on the link below

To visit the Window Cleaning Guild website please click here




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