Here you will find a UNIQUE marketing package to explode your Dog Walking business

Where Else can you find a Website on Page 1 Google UK seen by 1000's EVERY DAY for just £250 AND have it marketed 5 times to 200,000+ members of 25 local Facebook Social groups every week for the first 4 WEEKS

At the end of 4 WEEKS of being found on page 1 of google AND continually marketing your services for 4 WEEKS - if you haven't made more than £250 in income (average of £62.50per week) then MAYBE you are in the wrong business


Below are the full details of what buyers of this package will receive.

1/. A Unique Website will be created and appear on page 1 of Google within 7 days which will also include all of your contact details as well as details of the Dog Walking service you are offering locally

2/. This page will be seen by thousands of people in your own area who have searched for the service of a Dog Walker locally near you on a Google search

3/. We will then send full details of your business, as well as a link to your new website, to members of 200,000+ local Facebook social groups 5 times a week for 4 weeks

5/. We will also place your business on our own website google map permanently to increase your online profile further

6/. You will also receive telephone and email lifetime business building support completely free of charge

7/. You will be automatically added to the Dog Walkers Guild website as described above which includes free lifetime membership and provided with a Founder Member Dog Walkers Guild logo to use for your own online and printed literature purposes

Specifically designed to suit any UK based Dog Walking business or service this package offer all of the contents of our standard Page 1 Google Package but also comes with an exclusive offer to become a founder member of the soon to be published Dog Walkers Guild.


The Dog Walkers Guild will host dog walkers from all over the UK giving them a single platform for anyone in the UK looking to find a dog walker  by accessing the unique Google Map page.

All visitors to the website have to do is zoom in to the Google map to their own area and select any members close to them. Once they click on the chosen pin they will find all the contact details of that member to contact and discuss their requirements.

No fuss or cost to both the visitor or the Guild member with each member having the benefit of displaying the Guild logo that will be issued to each member - this also creates a difference between ordinary Dog Walkers and members of the Guild Dog Walkers.

As an added bonus for anyone joining the Guild during the pre-launch phase, members will be classified as Founder Members 


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