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Dated 16th December 2020:

This is exactly what we did with the order we have received for this package  

The order was placed on the 10th December and by the 15th December they now have 2 websites appearing on page 1 of google in 2 different locations.

Those 2 websites did not exist on the 10th and are now be on page 1 forever, they bought this as a start up business and while they received a lot of equipment, chemicals, leaflets etc they also received the same service we are offering you here. The only difference with them they received 2 websites instead of 1 and 2 Facebook marketing campaigns instead of 1

Proof of Delivery:

1st Website Kirkintilloch Antiviral Sanitisation Service found on this google GLASGOW search HERE

2nd Website Airdrie Antiviral Sanitisation Service found on this google AIRDRIE search HERE



Coronavirus Antiviral Cleaning Business Opportunity + Page 1 Google Website Package Deal 

Pre-Launch Offer from the Antiviral Cleaning Group UK  with added a second bonus website - *see details below

If you are looking or needing to change your career before your career changes you then now is the time to do it - and in view of all the health issues surrounding the Pandemic and Flu - this is what to change it to.

There are 25 million homes in the UK, there are nearly 12 million people aged 65 with nearly half of them over 75, and large numbers of younger people with problems with obesity and diabetes - antiviral cleaning is here to stay

Having as many virus free areas in and around private dwellings coupled with a huge number of vulnerable people as listed above the demand for antiviral cleaning services is extremely high - but these are catering mostly for commercial premises and offices.

The Antiviral Cleaning Group UK has been created to support the private sector rather than the commercial one

Most companies offering cleaning services are extremely busy with commercial premises in the current pandemic but few specialise in the domestic marketplace. This is about to change with the introduction of the Area based Antiviral Services Group about to spread across the UK.

How many homes are there where for a variety of reasons, a room in a private house would benefit from an antiviral treatment of the complete room as well as all the contents within with a BS  EN 14476  and ES 1276 Approved Antiviral sanitisation clean.


Using chemicals designed to the BS standard for treating potentially infected private properties you can now offer in your own area

Antiviral Domestic Sanitisation Services which provides:

  • Total coverage of sanitising on every single surface, even those impossible to reach areas leaving no residue.

  • Quick and safe with no downtime, meaning the area can be used within 10 minutes.

  • Certified to BSEN standards including BSEN 14476 and EN 1276

  • Effective to 99.9999% (log 6 Kill rate) on Viruses and Bacteria including including Coronavirus, Poliovirus, Norovirus, Influenza A and Adenovirus.

  • Kills airborne pathogens as well as on surface areas 

  • The same formula used in Hospitals, Ambulances, Schools, Care Homes and Covid-19 testing centres among others.

  • Ensuring peace of mind for anyone in any treated area.

The Antiviral Cleaning Group UK follows the Industry Standard on vaporisation and is compliant with  EN1276, EN14476 and EPA Approved.

Situations requiring this service are:

Occasional treatment of single rooms within a house where there is concern for a member of the family and their safety. This simply requires the relocation of that person from their room for a few hours while the room is thoroughly treated. The room does not need to be emptied of anything (including electrical goods) other than the person using that room.

This can also be used by landlords after a tenant vacates one of their properties to help protect a new tenant


Additional Profit Centre

Vehicle Sanitisation and Odour Elimination 

The total official figure for new and used cars and commercial vehicles that changed hands last year now stands at 40 million - with virtually none of them treated for the coronavirus bacteria which makes this another important areas of Income Generation available with this package concerning the use of new and used Motor Vehicles which fall into 2 categories:

1/. The first application of your services to motor vehicles is the same treatment as described above when people have purchased a vehicle (new or used) where the previous owners cannot guarantee that whoever has had access to that vehicle prior to your taking ownership of it was free of any viruses. 

This service could also be useful to sellers of vehicles allowing them be treated immediately before handing over possession to the new owner as well as occasional cleaning of hire cars and coaches as well as providers of taxi and chauffeur services.  

2/. In addition to the Sanitisation service a similar treatment can be offered to any of the above for the removal of heavy odours in some used cars and vans. This is especially useful to sellers of used cars and vans who often use valeting services for older vehicles but does not include the antiviral treatment (although that can be added to that service if required).

This is your opportunity to be a part of the Antiviral Cleaning Group UK in your own exclusive area



With this complete business package you will receive all of the following:


    Your designated Trading Name for (your designated area here - for example) Guildford Antiviral Sanitisation Service (please check with us before ordering if your area is available)

  • A Custom designed website for their own area linked to the Antiviral Cleaning Group UK website containing their details on the Group website map free of charge

  • Clients own website will also be located on page 1 of Google seen daily by thousands of people searching for these services in their own area generating natural cost free organic new business from people clearly looking for those services    

  • All equipment, chemicals and Sundry Supplies necessary to carry out this work in the own area

  • 2000 Full Colour 2 sided A5 Leaflets with clients full contact details for local distribution to homes and targeted businesses

  • A weekly marketing campaign on Social Media in their own area for the 4 weeks  to raise their profile in the area aimed at a up to 200,000 members of local social media groups and forums (for this you must have or start a Facebook account)


  • BONUS OFFER ENDS 1st January: If you order now you will receive 2 websites with 2 different addresses in your chosen area/s as well as 2 Facebook Marketing campaigns (1 for EACH website) each lasting for 4 weeks from the launch of each website          *Please note to qualify for this you will need to provide 2 different postal addresses of your choice

  • A published Press Release and copied to any local media TV, Radio and Newspaper platforms requested by client

  • Unlimited and completely free telephone (5 days a week) and email (7 days a week) support team 


This offer is made during the pre-launch phase and prices can change at any time without notice and buyers must be over the age of 18 

Areas are currently available in all Counties in the UK

Contact Us For Details

Pre-Launch Offer Price £650 - order now 

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