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Created by Terry George in 2020 during the pandemic, Page 1 Google UK was seen as a way to address the problems most small and start-up Service Based businesses encounter every day to compete with more established, and often better funded, businesses in whatever field they have chosen to compete in.

Small Existing Businesses

Whatever status these businesses have already achieved, the current pandemic in the UK has set most of them back years - and in many occasions caused them to cease as well as some losing everything completely.

Start-Up Businesses

As with all recessions, this pandemic has also led to the creation of more businesses out of the necessity of many having to take control of their own lives from mass redundancies and job losses. It is also seen by some as the perfect time to take advantage of the imminent recovery that is just beginning to happen across the country.

In either situation however, the creation and purchase of any small business, quite often home based, rarely affords those businesses the luxury of a 'business development' budget. With the first year of any businesses being the most critical and demanding one, getting a strong start is usually essential in surviving that difficult period.

Page 1 Google UK has been designed to give such businesses a 'low-cost' business development strategy that is affordable in a world where online assistance is incredibly expensive in 2 specific areas:

  • Website creation and Google position:

      To achieve any online platform getting found on page 1 of Google from the outset is normally financially impossible for most          businesses with any budget, let alone a very limited one.


      Page 1 Google UK does this in a way that is not known by many small businesses within a 7 day period - which is 100%                guaranteed. This means that the client is found on page 1 every day by people searching for their service/s

  • Online Marketing:

       Once again this is a very expensive service provided by many online companies and usually outside the almost non-existent         budgets that most small businesses can afford. Under these circumstances most of those businesses turn to platforms like           Facebook to get their services in-front of local consumers of their services. Page 1 Google does this for them when they can         concentrate more on delivering their services instead of trying to generate orders.

       This is done in blocks of 4 week intense marketing activity to a minimum of 200,000 members of local Facebook social                   groups frequently over the course of each 4 week block, which consists of a minimum of 25 original posts a day, 5 days a             week for 4 weeks. By the end of the 4 weeks there would have been over 500 individual posts promoting the clients services         and special offers to over 200,000 members of their own target audience.

 Clients then have the opportunity to book more '4 week' blocks as and when they want to re-energise their businesses.

To find out more about this amazing service, and how this can be tailored specifically for your own unique business contact us today with details of your business and get your business truly 'on the map'.

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