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5* Google Friendly for Businesses 'Local' Development and Page 1 Service Based Website Business Opportunities in the UK

By definition most service based businesses rely on local trade, and the 2 main platforms used by those businesses are Facebook and Google. 


Unfortunately regular posting on local fb social groups is time consuming are not always done several times a day. Like all media advertising, it only ever works if it is constantly seen by its target audience.


Page 1 Google

Achieving a page 1 position website for any small (often home based) service business is not pursued by most due to the high costs of getting there organically, and as only 6% of all Google searches for any business category comes from pages 2 and lower - with a staggering 94% exclusively coming from page 1.


Page 1 Google UK specialise in proving a comprehensive marketing package that not only achieve those 2 objectives but also add Twitter and LinkedIn to that package too.


Within 8 days from ordering this simple low-cost solution to these problems are addressed from the 8th day onwards:


  • Clients are GUARANTEED they will have a unique website that WILL be found on page 1 of Google. If the client already has a website that is NOT on page 1 the new website will simply link to their own website (if they do not have a website then it will link to the own Facebook page instead) and that will be the case every day for the next 12 months

          This means that all the traffic they 'missed' by the 94% searching for that service not seeing them - NOW WILL


  • Clients will receive 25 posts a day to local fb groups with more than 200,000 members 5 days a week for 4 weeks, making this probably the most vigorous campaign that client has ever had applied to their business before

          These posts will promote all of the clients services, contact details and a link to their website and Facebook page (if            applicable). At the same time posts can also introduce any special offers or prices that the client may wish us to                  create as 'exclusive' offers - via any or all of the 500 posts sent targeting up to 200,000 members over 4 weeks

This is a simple concept, 100% delivered to EVERY client with a foolproof package - and suitable for any service business.

We Provide  The BEST

Digital Services

Here you will find a range of business development services that ALL include the provision of website being found on Page 1 Google within 7 days

Extremely Low-cost

On the Page 1 Google website you will find a range of extremely low-cost business opportunity packages to suit all budgets

starting at just £250 and with all packages to include a new website that is GUARANTEED to be found on page 1 of Google

See full details of our basic £250 package below

Learn More here
Existing Businesses

99.99% of all existing service based businesses are not found on Page 1 of Google in the UK when searching for their services - which is 1000's every day of the year

With our 7 day service they are not just found on Google now - they are seen publicly by 200,000+ members of local Facebook groups as well 5 days a week

Learn More Here
Double Deal

Here you will find our amazing 2+ Website Marketing package which SUPERSIZES the above plan of action making this service even more spectacular and effective. Guaranteed to bring you business to the attention of thousands of potential clients every day of the year without all the high costs normally associated with website development.

Learn More Here
Perfect 4 Startups

Anyone looking to start a home based or low cost local services business needs from day 1 to be found during the most critical time


With our 7 day service they are not just found on Google - they are ALSO seen publicly by 200,000+ members of local Facebook groups as well 5 days a week

Learn More Here
Overseas Offer

Ideal for any OVERSEAS BASED business who would like a 'Page1 Google UK' retail platform to market their own products to.

If that is what you would like then what we suggest you do is trial this firstly in one major city in the UK to see if you should make it available in other UK cities also. Full details available below

Learn More Here
Google Map

Every registered Client gets featured on the website's Google Map to raise the profile of clients on the internet.

Full contact details of every client can be found by clicking on the pin showing where in the UK that client is based 

Details allow the visitor to contact any clients by email, telephone or their website at a touch

See Google Map Here

Customers Love Us

Here is a personal feedback message we received for one of our recent new clients at the end of his Facebook marketing package

"I needed a social media campaign to launch my new window cleaning business. 

I'm not tech savvy so I approached Lee from Page 1 Google and he took control of everything for me. I supplied the information and some photos and Lee created my Webpage, Facebook page, also put me on page one of 'Google My Business'. 


Lee had great ideas and a few incentives to start the ball rolling and bring in new customers. The response has been very impressive. Communication with Lee was great, always replying to my emails, answering all my questions, pushing me for more photos of new jobs completed to update webpage and Facebook page etc. Lee has been very helpful, efficient and professional throughout & I will be using him again for future campaigns."

  Many thanks, Rick Your Window Cleaner Lincoln.


Page 1 Google are now introducing a further FREE added benefit to our page 1 service

We are creating a series of 'GUILDS' to compliment any service based businesses that use our service

An example of this is our newly created Window Cleaners Guild and as visitors to the website will see this gives a massive boost to any window cleaner member of the guild to be found online

The website map and full website details can be found here



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